Why Medipolis?

We aspire to be a hospital which is not like a hospital,
Where patients are not treated like patients,
Where everyone wants to come for treatment,
Where everyone feels welcome.

Medipolis Proton Therapy and Research Center is one of the most advanced and high technologized cancer clinics in the world. We are offering cutting edge proton therapy that precisely irradiates your tumor while keeping the damage to surrounding healthy tissue at an absolute minimum.

Our location in the south of Japan is well known for generous hospitality. Ibusuki's famous hot springs and sand baths are wonderful for recovering. Besides that remarkable nature and one of Japans most beautiful mountains and islands just a step away. Proton therapy is non-invasive, painless and has almost no impact on your energy level, so you are able to enjoy Japan at its best!

Ibusuki Bay Terrace Hotel & Spa offers comfortable space and excellent service for the best possible stay in Ibusuki. Located next to Medipolis, surrounded by rich greenery with a marvelous view of Ibusuki it offers all you need for a pleasant stay.

Fighting cancer requires the best technology available, doctors and nurses that care about your unique case and an comfortable relaxing environment that supports your recovery process in every sense.